We are living in times where the use of technology has really intensified and this as you might have guessed has brought some problems with it as well. Crimes and more particularly those that are enabled by technology like cybercrime cases in Malaysia are some of the things that have made people stay on the watch out much as they enjoy the use of technology so much.

Cyber Security in Malaysia is Very Essential

Companies in particular have had to put in more efforts to see to it that they stay protected in times when internet crime is at its highest. IT infrastructure in companies has to be sound to ensure that any cases of penetration and infiltration are detected on time by computer forensics Malaysia and abated before they cause any problem to any company.

It is because of this reason that companies are investing so much in the security consultancy that is offered by penetration testing service providers. This process is carried out with the aim of ensuring that a company IT infrastructure is sound and capable of standing any penetration attempts from unknown people with malicious intentions.

However, it is not just any penetration testing process that is capable of proving the worthiness of a company’s IT infrastructure but only the best. This is why you need to be very careful when looking for someone to carry out this process for your company.

There are many people that offer penetration testing services like the PCI DSS companies Malaysia but if you need one for your company then you need to look for the best professional pentest team. You need to look for someone that you know will carry out this process for you in a professional way yielding the desired results in the end.

External Companies Are The Best When It Comes to The Delivery of Penetration Test Service

A penetration testing process can be carried out either by external top pen test companies or in some cases companies can devise their own mechanisms of going about this process. Given the seriousness of this process and its significance to a company, a penetration process should only be left to a top external penetration testing company.

There are so many reasons that call for such a move which we are going to look at shortly. Most importantly, you need to understand that it is safer to use certified ISMS ISO 27001 consultancy preferably with cox certification training Malaysia to carry out a penetration testing process as opposed to using an internal company mechanism.

Experience in Cyber Security

This is one of the reasons that make it necessary for a company to look for an external company to help carry out a penetration testing process. Most of the external companies like to say that the pentest company in Malaysia have the required experience in matters of penetration testing.

Most of these companies know exactly the kind of threats that are out there and as such, they know the kind of drills required to ascertain the soundness of a company IT infrastructure since most of them have undergone an anti-hacking security assessment in Malaysia. If you reach out to them then you have a guarantee of nothing but the best of these services.

Such a company will carry out the penetration process and even in some cases forensic services Malaysia in a careful way making sure that it exposes all areas of vulnerabilities within a company IT infrastructure. This way, you will have the chance and an opportunity of correcting things where they are wrong on time.

Honesty in Security Testing Service

One thing you get when you contract an external company to carry out a penetration testing process is an honest assessment of things within your company. Depending on the outcome of this process, you will get proper communication on the same which you in turn work with for the better.

Even though internal mechanisms can still do this for you, there are cases where they might communicate wrong information which might prove costly later on. It is because of this reason that it is advisable to stick to external companies for this process like in the case of digital forensic Malaysia.

When it comes to the penetration testing process as well as computer forensics in Malaysia, there are so many people that you can trust with this process. However, it cannot just be any other person that will carry out this process for you as you wish, we have some people that lack experience and expertise to carry out this process right.

External companies are the best when it comes to carrying out penetration testing services. Most of them are good at this process and it is not just here alone that they are good at but other areas like cybersecurity training Malaysia as well.