Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With T

T-1 T-3
Tables Tape
TB Tcl/Tk
TCP/IP Telecommunication System
Telnet Terabyte
Terminal Terminal Server
Terminator Test
Test Case Test Case Generator
Test Design Test Documentation
Test Driver Test Harness
Test Incident Report Test Item
Test Log Test Phase
Test Plan Test Procedure
Test Readiness Review Test Report
Test Result Analyzer Testability
Testing Testing, 100%
Testing, Acceptance Testing, Alpha
Testing, Assertion Testing, Beta
Testing, Boundary Value Testing, Branch
Testing, Compatibility Testing, Component
Testing, Design Based Functional Testing, Development
Testing, Exhaustive Testing, Formal
Testing, Functional Testing, Integration
Testing, Interface Testing, Interphase
Testing, Invalid Case Testing, Mutation
Testing, Operational Testing, Parallel
Testing, Path Testing, Performance
Testing, Qualification Testing, Regression
Testing, Special Case Testing, Statement
Testing, Storage Testing, Stress
Testing, Structural Testing, System
Testing, Unit Testing, Usability
Testing, Valid Case Testing, Volume
Testing, Worst Case TEX
Time Sharing Timing
Timing Analyzer Timing And Sizing Analysis
TLD (Top Level Domain) Top-Down Design
Touch Screen Touch Sensitive
Trace Traceability
Traceability Analysis Traceability Matrix
Traffic Transaction
Transaction Analysis Transaction Flowgraph
Transaction Matrix Transform Analysis
Translation Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Trojan Horse Truth Table
Tuning Twisted Pair


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