Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With M

Mac OS Mac OS Classic
Mac OS X Machine Code
Machine Language Macintosh
Macro Macroinstruction
Maillist Main Memory
Main Program Mainframe
Maintainability Maintenance
Mean Time Between Failures Mean Time To Failure
Mean Time To Repair Measurable
Measure Measurement
Medium Scale Integration Megabit
Megabyte Megahertz
Memory Menu
Merced Meta Search
Meta Tag Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Metric Based Test Data Generation
Metric, Software Quality Metropolitan Area Network
Microcode Microcomputer
Microprocessor Middleware
Million Instructions Per Second MIME
Minicomputer MIPS
Mirror Mishap
MMX Mnemonic
MOB Modeling
Modem Modem Access
Modifiability Modula-2
Modular Decomposition Modular Software
Modularity Modulate
Modulation Module
Module Interface Table Modules
Monitor MOO (Mud, Object Oriented)
MOS Mosaic
Motif Mouse
MS-DOS Ms-Windows
MUD Multi-Processing
Multi-Programming Multi-Tasking
Multimedia Multiple Condition Coverage
Multiplexer Multipurpose Systems
Multitasking MUSE (Multi-User Simulated Environment)
Mutation Analysis  


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