Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With D

DAC Data
Data Analysis Data Bus
Data Corruption Data Dictionary
Data Element Data Exception
Data Flow Analysis Data Flow Diagram
Data Integrity Data Item
Data Set Data Sink
Data Structure Data Structure Centered Design
Data Structure Diagram Data Validation
Database Database Analysis
Database Security Dead Code
Dead Link Debugging
Decision Coverage Decision Table
Default Default Value
Defect Defect Analysis
Delimiter Demodulate
Demodulation Dependability
Design Design Description
Design Level Design Of Experiments
Design Phase Design Requirement
Design Review Design Specification
Design Standards Desk Checking
Desktop Desktop Publisher
Detailed Design Developer
Development Methodology Development Standards
Diagnostic Dict
Different Software System Analysis Digerati
Digital Digital Camera
Digital-To-Analog Converter DIMM
Direct Memory Access Directed Graph
Directory Disk
Disk Drive Disk Operating System
Diskette DMA
DNS (Domain Name System) Documentation
Documentation, Level Of Documentation Plan
Documentation, Software Domain Name
Doorway Page DOS
Download DR-DOS
Drift Driver
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Duplex Transmission
Dynamic Analysis Dynamic Page


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