Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With C

C C++
C64/128 Cache
CAD Calibration
Call Graph CAM
CASE Cathode Ray Tube
Cause Effect Graph Cause Effect Graphing
CDE Central Processing Unit
Certificate Authority Certification
cgi-bin CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
Chain Change Control
Change Tracker Character Set
Chargeback Chat
Chat room Check Summation
Checksum Chip
Click Click-Through
Click-Through Sponsor Click-Tracking
Client Client-Server
Cloaking Clock
co-location Coaxial Cable
Code Audit Code Auditor
Code Inspection Code Review
Code Walkthrough Coding
Coding Standards Cold Fusion
Comment Comment Tag
Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Compact Disc - Read Only Memory
Comparator Compatibility
Compilation Compile
Compiled Compiler
Compiling Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
Completeness Complex Instruction Set Computer
Complexity Component
Compression Computer
Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Aided Software Engineering Computer Instruction Set
Computer Language Computer Program
Computer Science Computer System
Computer System Audit Computer System Security
Computer Word Computerized System
Concept Phase Condition Coverage
Configurable, Off-The-Shelf Software Configuration
Configuration Audit Configuration Control
Configuration Identification Configuration Item
Configuration Management Consistency
Consistency Checker Constant
Constraint Analysis Consultive Committee For International Telephony And Telegraphy
Content Control Bus
Control Flow Control Flow Analysis
Control Flow Diagram Control Program For Microcomputers
Controller Conversational
Conversion Ratio Cookie
Cookies Coroutine
Corrective Maintenance Correctness
COTS Counter
Coverage Analysis CPA
CPU Crash
Crawler Cray
CRC Crippleware
Critical Control Point Critical Design Review
Criticality Criticality Analysis
CRM Cross-Assembler
Cross-Compiler Cross Linking
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) CTR
Cursor Cyberpunk
Cyberspace Cyclic Redundancy [Check] Code
Cyclomatic Complexity  


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