Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With A

Abstraction Access
Access Time Accident
Accuracy Accuracy Study Processor
Active Server Pages Actuator
ADA Adaptive Maintenance
ADC Address
Addressing Exception ADN (Advanced Digital Network)
Adobe Photoshop ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)
Adwords Affiliate Program
Agent Name AI
AIX Algorithm
Algorithm Analysis Alpha
Alphanumeric Altavista
AltiVec ALU
American National Standards Institute American Standard Code For Information Interchange
Amiga AmigaOS
Analog Analog Device
Analog-To-Digital Converter Analysis
Anomaly ANSI
AOL Apple ][
Applescript Applet
Appletalk Application
Application Program Application Software
Applications Aqua
Archie Architectural Design
Architecture Archival Database
Archive Archive File
Arithmetic Logic Unit Arithmetic Overflow
Arithmetic Underflow ARM
ARPANet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) Array
As Built ASCII
ASP.Net Assemble
Assembler Assembling
Assembly Code Assembly Language
Assertion Assertion Checking
Asynchronous Asynchronous Transmission
Audit Audit Trail
Authoring System Auxiliary Storage


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