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Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With S

Safety Safety Critical
Safety Critical Computer Software Components Scanner
Scheme Scooter
Script SCSI
SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Search Engines (SEs)
Security Security Certificate
Sensor SEO
Sequential Access Serial
SERP Server
Server Side Include (SSI) Service Program
Servlet Servomechanism
Severity SGML
Shareware Shell
Shockwave Side Effect
Signature File SIMM
Simulation Simulation Analysis
Simulator Sizing
Sizing And Timing Analysis SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)
Slurp Small Computer Systems Interface
Small Scale Integration Smalltalk
SMDS (Switched Multimegabit Data Service) SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Software
Software Audit Software Characteristic
Software Configuration Item Software Design Description
Software Developer Software Development Notebook
Software Development Plan Software Development Process
Software Diversity Software Documentation
Software Element Software Element Analysis
Software Engineering Software Engineering Environment
Software Hazard Analysis Software Item
Software Life Cycle Software Reliability
Software Requirements Specification Software Review
Software Safety Change Analysis Software Safety Code Analysis
Software Safety Design Analysis Software Safety Requirements Analysis
Software Safety Test Analysis Solaris
SOPs Source Code
Source Program Spaghetti Code
Special Test Data Specification
Specification Analysis Specification, Design
Specification, Formal Specification, Functional
Specification, Interface Specification, Performance
Specification, Product Specification, Programming
Specification, Requirements Specification, System
Specification, Test Case Specification Tree
Spider Spiral Model
Sponsor Programs Spreadsheet
Sprite SQL
SSI SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
ST-506 Standard Operating Procedures
State State Diagram
State-Transition Table Statement Coverage
Static Analysis Static Analyzer
Stepwise Refinement Storage Device
String Structure Chart
Structured Design Structured Programming
Structured Query Language Stub
Submission Subprogram
Subroutine Subroutine Trace
SunOS Support Software
Symbolic Execution Symbolic Trace
Synchronous Synchronous Transmission
Syntax Sysop (System Operator)
System System Administrator
System Analysis System Design
System Design Review System Documentation
System Integration System Life Cycle
System Manager System Safety
System Software  


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