Computer Acronyms

Computer & Technology Terms Beginning With F

Faces Fagan Inspection
Fail-Safe Failure
Failure Analysis Failure Modes And Effects Analysis
Failure Modes And Effects Criticality Analysis FAQ
Fault Fault Seeding
Fault Tree Analysis FDD
FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) Feasibility Study
Federal Information Processing Standards FFA
Fiber Optics Field
File File Compression
File Maintenance File Transfer Protocol
Finger FIPS
Firewall Firewire
Firmware Fixed Width
Flag Flame
Flame War Flaming
Flash Flat File
Floppy Floppy Disk Drive
Flowchart Or Flow Diagram FMEA
Formal Qualification Review Format
FQDN Frames
FreeBSD Freeware
Freshbot FTA
FTP FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Full Duplex Function
Function Keys Functional Analysis
Functional Configuration Audit Functional Decomposition
Functional Design Functional Requirement


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